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We are the official sales office of “VISION X” for Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the South European market.

Since 1997, Vision X has been providing the lighting solutions demanded by the market as well as innovating the next step for lighting. With the release of the HID series in late 2005, Vision X was the first to provide an HID internal ballast and starter to the mass market, simplifying installation and reducing external components. Again in 2008, Vision X revolutionized lighting with the LED bar originally produced for NASA’s Back to the Moon Mission. Since then, Vision X has continued innovation with the Solo Pod – which gives as many lumens as a headlight from a single 2” x 2” housing – and heavy duty LED lighting for use in mining, industrial, and commercial applications. At Vision X, we are constantly striving to live up to our company motto of “Lighting Evolved.”


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Sales: info@visionx-europe.com

Internet: www.visionx-europe.com

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