DM KEM 20 Injection pump

DM KEM 20 Injection pump


DM – KEM 20 is designed for a high pressure grouting pump machine for cement and mixtures pumping applications. DM KEM-20 machine can easily handle all types of high viscose building ma­terials as cement, grout, plaster mixtures and clay that contains grains up to 2 mm sizes with a mainte­nance free pump structure. Successfully used in ground stabilizing and strengthening, cement pumping operations for anchorage filling, cement flooring and grouting, pumping cement, plaster, lime or other solutions towards or upwards construction area, clay pumping or transferring, tunneling, precast units production, etc. Improved rotor and stator geometry, high quality steel rotor and rubber stator, provides high pressure and reduces operating costs due to electricity and spare parts consumption.

High pressure pumping feature ensures, the cement mixture or other pumped material can easily reach deep inside anchorage holes or rock fractures at ground reinforcement process. Mixer system is pow­ered by a 3kW electric motor due to mixing common materials thereby mixtures precipitation or decom­position of material is prevented.



  • Application
  • Standard Accessories
  • Technical Data
  • Injection work
  • Back filling
  • Re-injection grouting
  • Plastering
  • Drill hole filling
  • Anchor Mortar
  • 20m Conveying hose
  • Stator
  • Rotor
  • Mixer Kit
  • Coupling
  • Hose Adapter
  • Main motor power 9 KW
  • Voltage / frequency 380 / 50 V/Hz
  • Conveying line connections ∅ 1 inch
  • Conveying pressure max. 30 Bar
  • Volume flow 35L/min
  • Conveying distance Vertical 15m
  • Conveying distance Horizontal 40m
  • Maximum Corn size 2mm
  • Gross weight 480 kg

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