RPM 200

RPM 200: Rotor machine for refractory works

RPM 200

RPM-200 sprayed Refractory materials ma­chine and system, is a refractory and concrete spraying machine for light coating applications with reduced operating and owning costs. RPM-200 machine can easily handle all popular types of concretes containing different sizes and shapes of aggregates, gravels, crushed gravels and pebbles up to 0-6mm sizes with its unique ro­tor structure. The Machine has 2-3 cubic meter spray­ing capacity per hour. Improved rotor geometry, high quality steel and rubber plates reduces operating costs due to electricity and air consumption. Special lubricating system increases rubber and steel plates operating life. No need to qualified maintenance per­sonnel for changing consumable spares, after main­tenance no need to any calibration or adjustment. The machine has remote control system and Wa­terproof electric control cabinet design, prevents leakage current and provides operator safety. Phase sequence protection, over and under voltage protec­tion, over current protection, thermal protection are some of electrical safety features.

  • Application
  • Standard Accessories
  • Technical Data
  • Conveying of dry material
  • Dry shotcrete application
  • Fire resistant material application
  • 2“ x 20m material hose
  • Nozzle set
  • Set clamp kit
  • Hose adapter
  • gross weight 630 kg
  • rotor volume diameter x height 28 x 9 cm
  • theoretical spraying capacity 2 m3/hr – 3 m3/hr
  • output hose diameter 40-60 mm
  • nozzle diameter 1 inch
  • input pressure 7 bar
  • air consumption 6 – 7 m3/min @ 7 bar
  • aggregate size theoretical 16 mm
  • main motor power 5.5 kW
  • vibrating motor power 0.18 kW
  • voltage / frequency 380 / 50 V/Hz
  • total consumption 6 kW
  • rotor speed 15 rpm
  • working temperature 5 – 55°C

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